Founded in 2010 by Desislava Dimitrova, Studio 13 Design is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are specialized in modeling and rendering of high quality 3d architectural visualization.

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Why to pay for a 3D?


   If you are planning soon to design a residential building, public building or interior, you no doubt would like to see how the final product will look like. No doubt everyone would like to see in detail for what he will pay.

   Our long experience has shown that there are many advantages in preparing 3d visualizations. The most important advantage is the prevention of a number of errors that were not detected at an earlystage of the design.


Why to choose us?


   Whether you are planning a residential, commercial, institutional or healthcare building, or just interiors, we will convert your ideas and drawings into photorealistic renderings. You`ll save money, time and headaches by seeing the end result before you even start to build.

   We invite you to view the services we offer and our portfolio to get an idea of ​​how we can help you.


   It will be our pleasure to answer your questions or to discuss your projects.


 Feel free to contact us and share your ideas. 





 We will make your dreams come true!



Our team

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Desislava Dimitrova                                                          Architect 

Desislava Dimitrova is 3D architect. She graduated in 2013, from University of Architecture and Civil Engeneering, based in Sofia, Bulgaria where she studied Architecture. She has worked 3 years in Architectural Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria like 3D Visualiser.  

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Stefan Stefanov                                                              Interior Designer

 Stefan Stefanov is 3D Artist specialized mainly in the interior design. Since, 4 years he is working with property companies and interior designers worldwide. You can browse some of his best projects in our gallery